Marina Acton donates for Technology

Generally, we do not tend to be concerned about online privacy when in music business. It can only affect other industries, right? Learning about data privacy, when it’s about quality music avoidsany potential lawsuit, as it can be a big concern in the future. Personal data is an individual’s identity.


What is ActOnPrivacy ?

Though Ukraine promised to be a place of true Western-style democracy, it disappointed me, with the way it turned out­­­­– government took liberties with the citizen’s privacy. That got me thinking about data privacy, and I, Marina Acton, realized that privacy is a much needed topic to talk about. 



If privacy was an animal, it would be on the World Wild Life endangered species list, and it's extinction would definitely be man-made. That is unless we do something about it. Why should we save privacy when we can't even see or touch it? For one, it is only the bedrock of our freedom.