In This Era of High Rise Technology Do We Care About Privacy?

For people, a smart device is something that enables sharing intimate conversations and recordings along with their contacts while maintaining its security. As smart technology is being swiftly integrated in our private spaces and daily lifestyle, it becomes not very difficult to conjure up even worse scenarios.


Getting Email Security Right with Encryption!

How many times do we need proof of the fact that email is the quickest, cheapest and most customizable form of communication? But nowadays being vastly used as a marketing channel, it looks like some kind of master plan tricking everyone.


Marina Acton donates for Technology

Generally, we do not tend to be concerned about online privacy when in music business. It can only affect other industries, right? Learning about data privacy, when it’s about quality music avoidsany potential lawsuit, as it can be a big concern in the future. Personal data is an individual’s identity.