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Data Privacy and Cyber Liabilities

If you were to know that your credit card details are already provided to a nonprofit organization, you are thinking of making a donation through a hacker, would you trust that organization ever again? In this article, we will talk about data privacy and cyber liabilities that we need to be aware of, in this era of modern technology.


Combining Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram will abandon Data Privacy

Facebook’s plan of integrating Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp may well fetch more profits for the company, making it more convenient to users as well, but tech experts fear it would make it less private for about everyone.


In This Era of High Rise Technology Do We Care About Privacy?

For people, a smart device is something that enables sharing intimate conversations and recordings along with their contacts while maintaining its security. As smart technology is being swiftly integrated in our private spaces and daily lifestyle, it becomes not very difficult to conjure up even worse scenarios.