Data Privacy and Cyber Liabilities

Data Privacy and Cyber Liabilities

If you were to know that your credit card details are already provided to a nonprofit organization, you are thinking of making a donation through a hacker, would you trust that organization ever again? In this article, we will talk about data privacy and cyber liabilities that we need to be aware of, in this era of modern technology. While any data breach may occur for-financial profits, government officials and through hackers, we now tend to be less willing to share our private data openly, especially after a data attack. This is primarily because a user’s relationship with a company is based on consumer’s need, whereas any third-party relation with that particular company may not be need-based. This simply explains that user’s data is at great risk for financial and reputational damage in the stir of data privacy.

Even though data breaches appear to be all the time more common, most of the business leaders know very little about these risks arising from the gathering and storage of personal data put together from volunteers, employees, donors and clients. Considering this frightening and dark landscape, this discussion is for you to understand your private data exposure to a business organization and its associated risks.

Many businesses tend to believe that foreign hackers exemplifies the biggest threat to private data that their organizations store. Yet the truth is, a lot of data threats are present even when just using social media.

However it is also true that cyber crimes like hacking, attaching malicious code to a data system, or any intentional loss of data are termed to be legitimate concerns for business organizations. It is very important to understand that even an unintentional privacy attack can be as damaging as an intentional one. Let us consider a simple example of allowing personal data to be stored on any smartphone or laptop. That device—and all of the vital data stored on it—can be damaged, or lost forever. In few states, the loss of any device with personal information is considered a breach under the legal laws which often triggers the responsibility of getting it reported, like the liability to report the person, whose data got lost.

What do you think? Would you consider the theft of your laptop or smartphone, a data breach? Possibly yes, if the device contains unencrypted personal information, Right? Consider options which encrypt sensitive data so that hackers can’t have access to it. Consider how data can be in safe hands, when using an encrypted service. Accordingly, some organizations are shifting to encrypt only data devices, or prohibiting storing any personal information of users on their servers.

Certain cyber liabilities offering hands-on data risk management means, like educational material or training on data protection. All the data privacy efforts will be wasted if the employees aren’t following the data privacy protocols. Remember that even a basic human error can be a source of cyber liability exposure mitigating by the adoption of clear policies, providing apt training. Some of the popular terminologies, that you need to keep in mind includes data privacy policies, encryption instructions, network security protocol, information on cyber liabilities, relation with tech vendors, data breach notifications and laws. Make sure that you well-recognize how easily a certain data breach can hamper your private data, and how injurious can data breaches could be for your business’s mission.

It is perhaps unrealistic to expect that none of your private data can be attacked or it’s still not the time to master the laws concerning data breaches and data privacy. Something every business enterprise should know, however, to provide security from data breaches. While the breaches are constantly increasing, there are platforms in this field helping you provide complete security, through all the steps involved in a successful communication. With your cyber liabilities, you get an access to data security services provided by the respective platform.

As with any data security policy available to a certain business organization, it is important to understand all the measures it offers when any data breach gets triggered, and what response or risk support is obtainable.

Cyber liabilities cover defending the business organization against any data attack brought by any hacker or an unauthorized user primarily after our personal data has been compromised. With all what’s covered under cyber liabilities, you are considering. It becomes essential to understand the relevance of data privacy in different personal and professional areas. The best option is to consider a service that adequately protects your data.

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