Getting Email Security Right with Encryption!

Getting Email Security Right with Encryption!

How many times do we need proof of the fact that email is the quickest, cheapest and most customizable form of communication? But nowadays being vastly used as a marketing channel, it looks like some kind of master plan tricking everyone.

Keeping all the subtle marketing practices aside, the fact is that email targeting has become the most popular method to attract customers. But evidently, businesses working with our personal data, where we know that security and privacy are not the things to be taken lightly, protection of sensitive data and hack prevention are essential to be taken care of. That’s why one of the core reasons of using email services need to be secure, ensuring that the data is safe and is only available to users having the authorized right to access it.

Revelations of NSA surveillance and the endless fuss about data breaches have led to be more conscious of user’s security. More and more options are coming up, helping us share a secure communication securely with encrypted email service.

A flurry of incidents about data privacy and security in the news, GDPR coming into action, made email security to be a crucial issue, more than ever. Not surprisingly, there are different laws revolving email privacy that may also differ from country to country. If your chief concern is mass surveillance gaining accessibility to emails using a secured, end-to-end encrypted system is the right choice.

Data security is a big deal in US, so before taking any decision, start your assessment of your needs, be sure of the security it provides, along with its features, providing data protection at all costs. 

But many users are still clueless about keeping their email secure. It is better to stick to popular options like Criptext than to some first time security providers marketed by the paranoid among us. Well,   everything has its pros and cons, but the majority wants to stick to encrypted email services, making Criptext a better choice. Talking of ProtonMail, based in Switzerland has its own system of security, making it difficult for US government giving a hard time to serve any legal requests. Achieving data security through technology and legal protections is what we need to aim for. ProtonMail headquartered at Switzerland is not linked to European Union nor the US has no such things like National Security Letters and every surveillance request has to go through legal courts.

If you are worried about hackers gaining access to your emails, then undoubtedly you should trustand stick to Criptext. To be precise, majority of users, facing the threat of any third-party trying to break into the system and accessing the emails for making quick bucks is much more than the government mass surveillance threat for investigating a crime. With the increase in phishing attacks and hacker’s threat of obtaining your password, data security has become every user’s concern.

Criptext with its best security engineers has several robust safeguarding mechanisms for users wanting to protect their privacy.

At the very least, users get end-to-end encryption for their emails, making it hard for any hacker to hinder their privacy and gain accessibility to their emails. But what really makes the platform a better option is its level of security greater than Proton Mail in this particular regard, making it and hard for any third party to hack or intrude your emails.

That being said, Switzerland also has an agreement with the US government  that can compel it to team up under special legitimate legal requests, meaning the United States  government, can work with Swiss government and can compel platforms like ProtonMail to hand over their data. As per a report by ProtonMail itself, the company has turned over data to the US government on several occasions, making it clear how private our data is with them.

Security features of ProtonMail are not that bad, since users get to set a two-factor authentication with their accounts along with the services offered. But the biggest drawback is ProtonMail doesn’t support the use of physical security keys. For any high-risk user who has faced a phishing attack, designed to avoid two-factor authentication, ProtonMail can be a risky trade off clearly making Criptext a superior option.

Criptext is probably the best choice for security and data protection as it has accomplished data privacy taking email security to another level of excellence with its service in such competitive technological industry. Well, it is not only about the achievements, but the processes taking place for protecting user’s data.

Where biggest selling point of ProtonMail is its end-to-end encryption, Criptext is no less, as the application offers secured end-to end encryption as well (easy to use mechanism making communications readable only to the sender and the recipient).

At the end of the day, everything is data security using end-to-end encryption. Though you might have started using secure email services, working independently on the system. You still need to be sure about its levels of security and how it is better than other options considered. While summing things up: If the US government’s mass surveillance, is not a part of the security model, options like ProtonMail has nothing to offer in terms of data security than Criptext itself. On the other hand, Criptext owns a team of security features working in favor of keeping its billion user’s data secure, along with built-in privacy to keep attackers away.

In this era of high rise technology do we care about privacy?

In this era of high rise technology do we care about privacy?

Marina Acton donates for Technology

Marina Acton donates for Technology